Stained Glass Art
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Stained Glass Color
and Design Textures:
Color and design
texture are different on
every sheet of glass,
within the same sheet
of glass, and vary with
the amount of light
behind the glass.
Any pictures of the
design are a conceptual
representation of glass
color and texture.  The
actual completed item
will vary from the
conceptual picture.
We will take your photograph
and design a piece of glass art
of it's subject.  For more
examples, click the "Your
Photo to Glass Art" link.
Glass door panels for your
kitchen cabinets, curio cabinets,
china hutches, and more.  For
more information, click the
"Cabinet Door Panel" link.
Do you have a favorite fantasy or
fantasy character?  We can
design a piece of glass art of your
fantasy.  For more examples,
click the "Fantasy Images" link.
Proud owner of a new bike?  
Or, wish you had that dream
car or boat?  For more
examples, click the
"Motorcycles & Vehicles"
We design free-form and geometric panels, for
art hangings or windows.  Includes logos, sports
and religious hangings.  For more examples,
click the "Panels and Free-Form" link.
To view what we have already designed, made,
and ready to sell, click the "On Hand For Sale
Gallery" link.
The stained glass art shown on this website
are pieces created and signed by Larry
Bates.  Except for the items in the "On Hand
for Sale Gallery" page, the pieces shown are
examples of my work and are not available
for sale.  Except for small items like Jewelry
Boxes, Candle Holders, and Night Lights, all
items are one of a kind and will not be
duplicated.  I would be privileged to work
with you to create a glass art piece just for
Boxes, Nite Lites, Candle Cups, and Desk Sets
make great gifts.  For more examples, click the
"Boxes, Nite Lites, Etc." link