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Motorcycles and Vehicles
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The two motorcycles (above and below) contain a high
degree of 3 dimensional attributes.  Each piece of the
engine, gas tank, seat, and fenders are on different
layers relative to the components on the real
motorcycle.  The handle bars, mirrors, clutch, and
brake protrude across the motorcycle body.  Chrome is
depicted by mirror and sealed polished solder, and cast
aluminum is left as unsealed solder.  The black
motorcycle is 17"wide x 10" high.
The red motorcycle owner's favorite biker girl cartoon
character was added for her enjoyment.    The layers
of glass are assembled such that the biker girl's legs
cross, left leg in front of the right.  The red motorcycle
is 17" wide x 12" high.
This 1972 Yellow Corvette was the customer's all time
favorite car.  Three dimensional attributes include
raised bumpers, recessed wheels, raised hub caps, and
recessed air scoop.  The corvette is 13" wide x 5 3/4"
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Stained Glass Color
and Design Textures:
Color and design texture
are different on every
sheet of glass, within the
same sheet of glass, and
vary with the amount of
light behind the glass.
Any pictures of the
design are a conceptual
representation of glass
color and texture.  The
actual completed item
will vary from the
conceptual picture.
Prices depend on size
and design complexity.  
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price range estimate.  
Final price will be
determined upon
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