Fantasy Images
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Fantasy images are focused in the area of mystical
characters like fairies, mermaids, dragons, dolphins
with human-like characteristics or actions or the like.  
Let us know what fantasy theme interests you and we
will design around your interests.  All complete
original designs are signed by the artisan.  However,
some portions of a complete design may have some
similarities to previous works, but never copied in
The fairies above were created for two small sisters
whose mother is very active coaching and playing ball.  
The fairy catching the ball is 8 1/2" wide x 12" high.  
The fairy batting is 9" wide x 13" high.  Both have minor
3 dimensional attributes.
The surfboard that the dolphin is riding extends away
from the curl of the wave.  The guitar is on top of the
dolphin's body with it's flipper on top of the guitar.  The
other flipper comes out to hold the guitar neck that turns
into a fishing pole.  The whole piece is 14" wide x 11"
The mermaid in the shell
has her tail extending out
and hanging over the
edge of the shell.  And,
the pearl is rounded like
a real pearl.  The glass is
9 1/2" wide x 12" high.  
The mermaid's bottom is
actually behind the glass
and in front of the
guitar.  Her tail hangs
over the edge of the
glass and lies in front of
the glass stem.  It
measures 8" wide x 11"
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Stained Glass Color
and Design Textures:
Color and design texture
are different on every
sheet of glass, within the
same sheet of glass, and
vary with the amount of
light behind the glass.
Any pictures of the
design are a conceptual
representation of glass
color and texture.  The
actual completed item
will vary from the
conceptual picture.
Prices depend on size
and design complexity.  
Please contact us for a
price range estimate.  
Final price will be
determined upon
completion of your
The boat's windshield and railings provide some 3
dimensional features.  The whole piece is 19" wide x
12 1/2" high.
The kelp in this free-form is 3 dimensional front to back
with the diver suspended between the kelp.  The ocean
floor also curves to the back.  The hair of the mermaid
sitting on a coral reef is flowing upward.  The whole
piece is 17 1/2" wide x 13" high.